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Hotel*** - During the reconstruction of the restaurant a hotel*** was built in the historical premises with 43 rooms. (including hygienic facilities, SAT, TV, safe and telephone). Restaurant - Several generations of Czech people and also a lot of foreigners are visiting this restaurant for ist very good Czech cuisine and for famous Czech beer - Budweiser. Brewery -The mini-brewery is biggest attraction for our guests. It makes the STRONGEST BEER in the world, XBEER-33, using historical technology.

Welcome to the Hotel U Medvídků Brewery in Prague 1

The Hotel U Medvídků Brewery is the only hotel with a brewery in Prague. A former medieval brewery was converted into a three-star hotel with 43 unique rooms. The Hotel U Medvídků Brewery is situated in a 15th century house, and original historical components, such as Gothic trusses and painted timber ceilings, have been preserved in some rooms.

The hotel includes a traditional Prague pub with typical Czech cuisine, a beer bar with a wide selection of Czech beer, shop offering beer and brewery souvenirs and a congress hall.

Hotel U Medvídků Brewery is located directly in the city centre of Prague, close to the Old Town Square and National Theatre.

News U Medvidku:

Prohlídka Medvídkovského pivovaru a degustace piva!

Milí zákazníci,

pro všechny, kteří chtějí své zahraniční návštěvě přiblížit naši českou pivní kulturu, máme skvělou novinku. Od 2. 9. pořádáme každý den prohlídku našeho pivovaru a degustaci piv jak od Medvídků, tak z minipivovarů z celé České republiky.

Prohlídky jsou v angličtině a na objednávku i v jiných jazycích. Pro více informací navštivte, nebo volejte 778 091 222.

Těšíme se na vás!

Brewery Tour & Beer Tasting U Medvídků Every Day

What would be Prague and Czech Republic without beer?

Beer and beer culture are essentially linked with our country; the first documented hop growing and home brewing dates back to the year 859. In famous brewery U Medvídků you will learn how and where the beer is produced here and you will taste regional specialties, as well as other famous Czech Beer.

You can visit the brewery tour and beer tasting every day at 6 PM. More information can be found here. Enjoy!



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Our aim was to bring the original manufacture of beer to the visitors as possible. Therefore, we manufactured the brewery, perhaps the smallestin the Czech Republic (the brewing house with the capacity of 250 l).


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The largest specialized shop it located at beer and brewery souvenirs that will enable the visitors to buy original souvenirs. The offer of more than 30 kinds of beer from the production of Czech and Moravian breweries...


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Of the object in the Gothic roof truss a theatre is with 100 seats at the table. "Medvídkovský Cabaret" - will be on the programme. It is an all-evening ptrogramme of old-Bohemian Songs and dances in beautiful costumes and decorations of ancient.